Mr. Man Minute: April Tools! Real Dicks From Actors Who Use Fakes

March 31, 2017 | Posted in gay by fleshbot

On this Mr. Man Minute we celebrate April Tool's Day with a look at the real dicks from actors who have used prosthetics! This week Alexander Skarsgård bared the biggest, stupidest fake peen on Big Little Lies (2017), but we remember the real deal from True Blood (2008)Diego Luna faked a cut dick in Y tu mamá también (2001) only to show the uncut version in The Night Buffalo (2007). Finally, Robert De Niro might have been shy in Dirty Grandpa (2016), but he showed off his cock in 1900 (1976) during one of the sexiest scenes ever on Mr. Man. Finally, on the weekly Quickie, check out James Franco's ass in Why Him? (2016) and the sexy Mark Strepan on Clique (2017)!

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