Woody Fox Joins Scott Riley and Luke Diamond at The Ten Spot

March 31, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

The action is too hot for Woody Fox - so hot that he invites himself to join their action

[WATCH: "The Ten Spot Episode Four: Ten Minutes in Heaven" - Naked Sword Originals]

The sultry interracial threesome (that introduces Luke Diamond to Naked Sword) finishes Naked Sword's "The Ten Spot" series

Have you ever been so horny that you had to get it on right then and there? No condoms, no lube, just "move the panties right to the side" as if you're Beyonce and Jay-Z?

Luke Diamond and Scott Riley couldn't even wait until they got to The Ten Spot to fuck - they did it OUTSIDE Woody Fox's place. Lucky for them, he likes to watch, so he invited them in so they wouldn't have to fuck in the cold! 

Great guy he is.

Luke Diamond is gorgeous - luscious lips, great body, beautiful uncut dick.

I know Cockyboys just introduced Jacen Zhu to the world earlier this week, but you can never have enough beautiful Black men in porn. Imagine if they did a scene together.

And as always, Scott Riley's thick legs, great ass, and gorgeous eyes are a great addition to any scene.

From Naked Sword Originals:

Woody Fox is getting ready for work when he sees Luke Diamond and Scott Riley going at it out on the fire escape. He opens the window and invites the guys in under one condition: he gets to watch. Woody starts jerking his uncut meat while Luke eat’s Scotts ass but before you know it they are both kneeling before Woody hungrily sucking his dick. As soon as Woody cums his ten minutes are up but the guys are just getting started. Scott can’t get enough of Luke’s huge dick and Luke is obsessed with Scott’s tight pristine hole. The hot fuck-fest goes hard until both guys blow their loads and leave before the next couple hits The Ten Spot.

Who would you rather be - Woody getting his cock sucked, Luke, or Scott doing the sucking?

Lucky for these two, Woody finally went to work so they could get their fuck on at The Ten Spot, and they didn't have to get watched, whether it's hot or now.

It didn't end in an orgy, and the scene order was strange (and caused the series to be a little anticlimactic) but for what it's worth, "The Ten Spot" had a great plot, and is one of the better gay porn series to come out this year.

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Do you like to watch, like Woody Fox, or do you like to BE watched?


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