Flesh Links 3.30.2017

March 30, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency

- Colby Melvin's butt, back balls, and what is surely a squeaky clean colon - instinctmagazine.com

- Guys with eye-tracking glasses somehow didn't look at this part of a male model? - queerty.com

- ICYMI: Jay Cutler's Ass - mrman.com

- Census doesn't care about us. Does this make us exempt from the paperwork? - out.com

- The transgender FTM singer the Internet is freaking out over - boyculture.com

- This gay Asian site just got bigger - bananaguide.com

- Big ol' balls on scruffy amateur splooger - queerclick.com

- Porn stars go-go dancing in WeHo - queermenow.net

- Will Braun always looks best with semen on his face - queerfever.com

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