Nick Capra and Kyler Gray Fall In Love On The Side Of The Road

March 30, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

As Kyler Gray Is Passing Out From A Heat Stroke, Nick Capra Uses His Skills To Save The Poor Twink - Talk About Falling In Love In A Hopeless Place at Icon Male!

[WATCH: Heat Strokes! - Icon Male]

Then, the two go back to Nick Capra's place, and Nick saves Kyler's Life...again and again

You know how those people who rescue animals always have those bumper stickers that say "who rescued who?"? Well in this case, it's not a man and his animal...It's a daddy and a twink. Nick Capra and Kyler Gray rescue each other. If you really wanted to, you could say it's a bull and an otter.

If you forgot what Nick Capra looks like, well forget no more!

Muscular body, thick cock, and eyes that pierce into your soul - those damn Italians will get you.

From Icon Male:

Kyler Gray is relieved when big, muscular Nick Capra rescues him from a heat stroke. But after a welcome respite in Nick's air conditioned home, the heat picks up again as Kyler thanks the older man by sucking his thick hose. Kyler brings Nick close to climax, only to be pushed back and sucked off himself by Nick's eager mouth. Nick fucks Kyler in several positions before they both blast their cum all over each other.

Kyler Gray may have passed out from the heat, but he's ready to turn it back up with his cute twink butt.

After saving Kyler's life, Nick saves Kyler's hole with a nice, ginger tongue bath.

Talk about a wet slobbery tongue - EVERYTHING about Nick is thick.

After Nick SAVES Kyler's hole, he abuses it with some rough strokes from his (really) thick cock!

I bet Kyler was ready to pass out all over again.

And then after the heat picks up with some fucking, Nick and Kyler finally release their cum shots.

And...Icon Male ruins them with fake cum. Par for the course these days, I guess.

It's like a movie - who do you really think rescued whom?

Have you ever fallen in love in an unconventional place?


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