Ugh Please Don't, Zac Efron Drag In New Baywatch Trailer

March 22, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

The 45th trailer for the Baywatch movie remake dropped today, and in addition to getting more plot deets, we get to see Zac Efron both shirtless and in DRAG! A straight man? Dressed in women's clothes? Like people who hang out at THOSE clubs? Bahaha! I fucking just died it's so fucking funny. You can't hear my Frankie Grande-worthy shrieking right now, so it may be hard to tell that I'm being sarcastic as hell.

Yes, in the trailer, Zac Efron - playing a lifeguard who ends up taking on a police-like role in an investigation - can be seen going deep undercover as the world's ugliest woman. When Dwayne Johnson gives him a side glance, Efron explains "I'm undercover" to which Johnson replies "Yeah, a little too undercover." What does "too undercover" mean? If the goal is, in fact, to look like a different person, Efron's Housewives of Miami look is trumping The Rock's chef outfit. No, Zac's character went overboard because he dressed like a woman, and that's all there is to this laaaazzzzyyyyy gag in a laaaazzzzzyyyy movie.

I generally don't trust straight men, and if that sounds bigoted, just know that it definitely is. As such, I don't blame them for thinking that Zac Efron in drag is a hoot and a holler. It's been a minute since they got their fix with Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill, and lord knows straight guys don't know what to do if their movies don't have guys dressing as women. That's all fine. What KILLS me is that the Gay Internet is interpreting this FAILED trailer as some sort of LGBTQ-friendly bullshit. I'm seeing a lot of "Zac Efron SLAYS in Baywatch Trailer" and "You Better Werk, Zac Efron" and "How About DON'T Sashay Away, Zac!" Those are made up but you can imagine, the sentiment is the same.

Zac Efron has perfected his steroid intake and looks sexy as hell in the new Baywatch trailer. But that's the only thing he's doing for the gay community here. Let's not get dickmatized and think that Efron's appearance in drag is doing anything other than marginalizing LGBTQ folks. This is the same guy whose big gag in Dirty Grandpa was getting close to Robert De Niro's prosthetic dick. Just ugh. When the only punchline is that a situation is gay, it's anti-gay. Fuck this fucking trailer to hell. 


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