Bates Motel: Freddie Highmore Gets Freaky With His Chocolate Factory As Gay Norman

March 22, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Freddie Highmore is one adorable piece, and in the final season of Bates Motel, it's revealed that his character is gay! The super cute Brit babe plays Norman - a role originated by the actually gay Anthony Perkins in Psycho - in the hit A&E series. Just FYI, from this point on it's all SPOILERS, so be warned!

As anyone who has seen the original Psycho will know, the Bates Motel caretaker Norman is a kook and a half, and slips in and out of thinking that he is his deceased mother, Norma. In its fifth season, Bates Motel has caught up to the events covered in the original movie, and as Norma, the cutie actually goes to bars to get some man taint! Here's the jizz-st from the show's executive producer Kerry Ehrin: Via TV Line

It really came from getting inside the head of Mother, who at the end of [last week’s episode] was basically broken up with by her son. Norman says, “This isn’t really working for me” in so many words. She’s devoted everything to this guy and she’s pissed. So she’s like, “F–k this. I’m going to go out and throw back a few.” And, you know, the guy [at the bar] was cute. She’s attracted to him, and they end up in a car… It came from a really human place. Clearly, Norman’s sexuality is all over the place. It’s not super defined. It made sense to us that this would’ve happened with him — many times, probably.

When asked about how long Norman has been getting penetrated, Producer Carlton Cuse adds:

We don’t define it. But we suggest that this is kind of what’s been happening in the couple of years that have passed since Norma has died.

Of course, when I first heard all of this, I said, "Gimme that footage bitch!" It turns out that in the episode we don't actually see Freddie Highmore get gay with anyone, but the hot guy at the bar does look longingly into Freddie's eyes as he sweats like holy hell. 

The final two episodes of Bates Motel will air on March 27th and April 3rd, so we still have a couple more chances to see Freddie Highmore get freaky with his chocolate factory. BTW, sorry not sorry about the title of this post. Are you watching Bates Motel? Is Freddie Highmore one of the cutest things you've ever seen? See some of his best shirtless moments in the gallery and decide!

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