Gregg Sulkin Lays Down Thirst Trap In Wet Undies Video

March 20, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Gregg Sulkin is becoming a master at bringing all the boys to the yard, as evident in his sexy new Instagram video! As commenter Sean pointed out, Gregg really did win the genetic lottery, and I kind of fucking hate him for it. But I also want him to be inside me, so we're all good! We last saw Gregg Sulkin delivering all kinds of face in a photo shoot for Bello Magazine, but this time around it's really less about his face and more about the fact that he's flaunting his insane bod in just some wet black boxer briefs.



Soaking in the

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This video of the 24-year-old Faking It actor jumping into a pool came a day before he posted the still photo featuring cum gutters for DAYS. The fact that Sulkin is stretching out one sexy moment over two days means that he's really mastering the art of being a walking and talking masturbatory aid for so many of us.

I'm personally feeling the picture more than the video because we can see Gregg's delish thigh hair, and the way one side of his undies is bunched up more than the other makes me think "What if it was just a little higher? What if little Gregg popped out?" What a wonderful world it would be. Fuck you Gregg for being so perfect. And after you're done, fuck me! 

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I really regret moving To LA....

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