David Foster Fucks Harry Vakkler At The Side Of The Pool

March 20, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

After one look, David Foster knew exactly what he wanted - Harry Vakkler's cock in his mouth

[WATCH: Harry Vakkler and David Foster - Badpuppy]

No blue balls, no shrinkage - just hot fucking at Badpuppy!

Tomorrow's the end of summer, and you know what that means: POOL PARTIES AND POOL SEX! Many have gotten a head start on pool season (like the guys over at Titan with the "Two Men Kiss" series), but Badpuppy is hot on their heels - David Foster and Harry Vakkler have sex by the pool in their latest update.

THIS is the look of a man that knows what he wants!

And when David got Harry, he let no inch of the boy's body go to waste! He was surprised by the size of the boy's member, but that didn't scare him off at all.

Also, this should be a meme.

From Badpuppy:

Harry Vakkler was just hanging out in the pool with David Foster when David comes over and makes it quite clear that he is interested in Harry. David leans forward, kisses Harry and motions for Harry to go sit on the side of the pool.  David joins Harry out of the pool; and, after sitting down on a chair beside the pool, Harry goes to work orally pleasing David.

...and the rest is history.

David can SPIT with the BEST of them!

He got Harry's hole nice and wet for...

 ...some fingering.

But....why is he fingering him like that? Does he not know basic anatomy, and...where the prostate is?

Let's all give Harry Vakkler a hand! Because he took David's huge cock like a champ!

Maybe I'm underestimating David's finger game...

Harry still didn't look ready to go, but that didn't stop David from fucking him some more...

Sometimes you just gotta push forward.

The only thing that would have made this better? A flip-flop fuck. David has a beautiful cock, but Harry's cock was huge too! He was probably too afraid to, but seeing David get impaled by Harry after giving him a nice dicking down would have been the icing on the...twink's cakes. Not that Harry didn't ice his OWN cakes with a hot cumshot, though. Both boys shot great cumshots...all over Harry.

Have you ever had sex at the pool?


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