Thirsty Taron Egerton Gives "Choke Me" Eyes At Hugh Jackman

March 17, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Taron Egerton's career has been blowing up recently, but for this GIF we head back to 2016 when he pimped out Eddie the Eagle with co-star Hugh Jackman. Thanks to the magic of Imgur, we have this brief but oh-so-amazing moment that could have been forgotten forever. The post is titled "I've never seen anyone say choke me daddy with their eyes," and I think we're all pretty much in love with whoever is behind it.

In this GIF Taron Egerton (who is a total piece, which we'll get to in a sec) looks dreamily at his manly man man daddy Hugh Jackman, and he's so transfixed that he may or may not stroke out for a brief second. Lord KNOWS he takes a big gulp towards the end while picturing that Wolverine jizz exploding in has face. Or something.




In 2014 we got a peek at Taron Egerton's cute as hell ass and even a glimpse of his cock in The Smoke. Up until recently, that's honestly been his only claim to fame in our pervy little world here. He's not gay (well, except when it comes to Hugh Jackman, who I'm willing to bet 95% of straight men would grab ankle for), he doesn't have an Instagram, and he doesn't post shameless shirtless selfies on Twitter. Like, who are you? In the non-us world, Taron is on his way to being an A-lister and nabbed the role as the Man in Tights himself in the upcoming Robin Hood

Basically, Taron Egerton is like a cuter Josh Hutcherson (oh, you know it) and watching him watching Hugh Jackman is just fucking adorable. THE END. 

H/T: Imgur

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