Woody Fox and Brandon Wilde Are Next Up To Fuck At The Ten Spot

March 17, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Woody Fox gets so turned on watching clients fuck at his place, he takes matters into his own hands.

[WATCH: "The Ten Spot Episode Two: Woody's Ten Inches" - Naked Sword Originals]

After Woody and Brandon Wilde watch clients fuck for a bit, the two get so turned on that they put on a show themselves!

In episode 1 of "The Ten Spot" from Naked Sword, it was revealed that there are places you can fuck in The Castro for $10/hour. And Woody Fox owns one of those places. But he doesn't just own it for the extra cash - that's just a side benefit. He loves watching all the hot men come fuck at his place! Sometimes, he even brings Brandon Wilde to watch too. 

From Naked Sword Originals:

Watching the guys have sex in the Ten Spot had an affect on Woody Fox. He can’t wait to show Brandon Wilde his rock hard 10-inch cock. Brandon gets on his knees to worship the meaty member then stands up to continue peeping on the guys next door. Woody sees Brandon’s juicy bubble-butt and goes in for a hot rim job. Over on the bed Woody basically makes Brandon his fuck-doll, pounding him every which way until Brandon shoots his load into his own mouth. Woody kicks back and jacks his giant uncut cock until gobs of thick white cum.

OK yes Woody Fox is gorgeous, but is his dick REALLY 10 inches? 

It's a beautiful dick, and it's huge. But it is not 10 inches. I guess saying every porn star has an 8-inch dick isn't enough these days, and we must embellish on embellishments.

Also, Will Brandon Wilde EVER age?

He's still boyish as hell (and has a great ass). But he still looks 19 - isn't he like 40 now? Shouldn't he have aged into dominant-top-daddy porn now?

After watching some people fuck, these two waste no time making magic of their own.

After some missionary, they switch to doggie, and Brandon rides Woody nice and slow.

These two make some pretty hot cum shots too!

Brandon shoots some hot wads of cum into his own mouth, and Woody lets his load fly all over Brandon's face.

What I'm really interested to know (because I follow porn story lines now, for some reason), is how this story will progress. Scenes like this seem to be the finale in the series, but this is episode 2. How will the next 2-3 episodes play out?

What's your kink? Do you like watching, like Woody Fox, or do you like other kink?


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