Prince Charming AKA Richard Madden Nude On New 'Oasis'

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Richard Madden
 has some jiggle to his wiggle, and that makes me... ::thinking of something that rhymes::... want to play with his butthole! Amazon just released its pilot for the sci-fi series Oasis, and in one scene the yummy Richard Madden delivers a lengthy ass shot as he walks across a room completely nude. Madden's butt looks squishtastic verging on amorphous, and I need it to be my personal memory foam pillow like yesterday!

is part of Amazon's Pilot Season, during which the streaming network releases a handful of pilots and lets users vote for the ones they want sent to full series. I watched the first episode and Oasis looks both pretty awesome AND kinda cheap as shiz, so I can't imagine it would be a huge financial burden for Amazon. These pilots can be such teases, and I think we deserve some Richard Madden space penis to go with this Richard Madden space butt.



Hello Milan, let's play...

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In case you need any narrative past what you would do with Madden's ass if you got it alone, Oasis is set in the future, where Earth is collapsing and the colonization of a far away planet is the only hope for survival. When a mysterious corporation takes it upon itself to build a colony on the planet Oasis, Earthlings (or at least the 1% of them able to afford the trip to Oasis) think they might just be saved. However, when the priest Peter Leigh (Richard Madden) is called to visit the New New World, he discovers that employees are dying of strange causes. This is a rare religious sci-fi concept, but Madden plays one of those cool priests with tattoos and a checkered past. He'd def do anal.

In addition to playing Prince Charming in Cinderella opposite an Instagram model, Richard Madden once took on the role of Robb Stark on Game of Thrones. We also saw his ass there, but trust me, it was NOT jiggly enough. Right now it's a 10 on the jiggly scale, and I'm kind of lyyyyving for it! My friend who I watched Oasis with said "ew, that's not hot," and I said, "ByE FeLiCiA." No I didn't. I told him to go fuck himself. What are YOUR thoughts? Here's the full scene, and for some of Madden's sexiest peeks you can head to the gallery.

Richard Madden Nude On Oasis

P.S: This IS Gus Kenworthy, right? We are definitely looking at Gus Kenworthy.

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