Shawn Mendes New Snapchats: Sexy, Shirtless, Gayyy

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It is such a damn shame that we don't visit the dick-flashing crooner Shawn Mendes more here at Fleshbot Gay, and after seeing these new shirtless Snapchats, I'm going to make sure to throw him into the usual mix. A little Gus Kenworthy, a sprinkle of Nolan Gould, a dollop of Nick Jonas, and now a dash of Shawn Mendes, and we've got ourselves one yummy DNA-enriched creampie! And ugh, I guess the tiniest squirt of Joe Jonas for ~some~ of you.



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In case you're thinking "Shawn fucking who?" this is the 18-year-old singer with the leaked dick pic that took our breath away at the beginning of December. Mendes is a PIECE with a super hot bod, adorable face, adorable-er smile (I mean, look at that fucking thing), and he pretty much just all around oozes sex appeal. Oh, I should mention that a commenter informed us that that the Shawn Mendes dick pic should be filed under "Alleged" or even "Totally fake." However, if the Trumpinator has taught me anything, it's that as an American I can craft my own reality. And that's, what, I'll do here.  

Shawn Mendes is currently on a beach vacation, and in these new Snapchat videos, he gives us a glimpse of his sexy shirtless bod as he sings some Jason Mraz-sounding Bruno Mars cover at sunset. Back when I had a Xanga account in high school, Mr. Mraz was often my "Woof Of The Day." White guys, guitars, and gay ass music. I can't get enough! Speaking of gay, Shawn Mendes is one of those celebrities who definitely isn't gay now, and who we definitely shouldn't speculate about since that's rude and outdated. Like, this is 2017, grow up people.

So, Shawn will one day be gay (sorry not sorry, watch the video above), and I'll be waiting for him!


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