First Look: Chad Michael Murray Nude On Next Sun Records

March 16, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

God bless A-Murray-ca! To those of you who grew up in the golden age of CW, or WB (learn it, youngsters!), you might still think of Chad Michael Murray as the sexy prep school assdouche Tristan from Gilmore Girls. OR you think of him as Lucas from One Tree Hill, but, ehhh, we'll go with Tristan. Well, Tristan is all grown up, and on tonight's episode of the CMT series Sun Records he goes nude in the living room to show off his bare butt! Here cums the Sun, ner ner ner ner. 




2 days till our #sunrecords premier. Set ur DVR. @cmt You want good music, we've got it!

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This clip of Chad Michael Murray's ass is notable because it's actually from a trailer that teases deets from tonight's episode of Sun Records. This comes on the heels of the infamous Milo Ventimiglia ass trailer for This Is Us, and I can't help but think producers are seeing a direct correlation between ass trailers and viewership. This actually gives me faith in the future of the American population. First, ass trailers, next, voting Democrat?!

We last broke down Chad Michael Murray's ass in the 2015 indie movie Other People's Children, and common consensus was that it, um, would have gone well with a little of Aunt Jemima's finest because it was indeed pancake-esque. Well, I was going to write that Murray must have been doing his squats or whatever because his ass is all sorts of fine now, but, upon closer inspection, it might still be a mess. Murray's face is aging like a fine ass wine and he was made to be covered in that sexy chest fuzz, so there's still plenty to love. Plus, who really needs a beautiful ass? PUT YOUR HANDS THE FUCK DOWN.

Check out the sneak peek below!

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