Everyone is Lining Up To Fuck Luke Hudson's Pussy At Jockpussy

March 16, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Last month, Mason Lear fucked Luke Hudson in OKC. This month, Aiden Wolfe fucks Luke Hudson in Baton Rouge

[WATCH: Aiden Wolfe & Luke Hudson in Baton Rouge - Jockpussy]

Their sex was so hot, it ended in one of the hottest cum shots you've ever seen

Luke Hudson's star (and popularity) keeps growing. Luke went from being one of the guys on the Jason Sparks tour to having his own site, as he continues to tour the country with Jason.

While his site isn't innovative, it fills a porn niche devoid of content - especially after Buck Angel moved on from porn. And let's be real: Luke Hudson is definitely more approachable than Buck Angel, to put it nicely. He's got a boyish face and a nice twinkish body. Who wouldn't want to do it with him!

That may be why guys have been lining up (literally and figuratively) to fuck Luke Hudson! Aiden Wolfe is the latest.

Hairy Aiden and twinky Luke are a match made in Heaven. All of our praying to Miss Jesus paid off.

From Jockpussy:

Luke arrives in Baton Rouge and meets tall dark and hairy Aiden who is instantly enamoured with Luke.   They embrace on the couch - kissing and feeling up each other's bodies.  Aiden's hairy chest feels good rubbing against Luke's freshly tattooed torso.    

After getting his cock sucked, Aiden gets on his knees to worship Luke's pussy

Judging by the look on his face, do you think he liked it?

Luckily, both Aiden Wolfe and Luke Hudson were enamored with each other from the start.

Look at that chemistry! Maybe Aiden was excited to try some pussy, some of Luke, or some of Luke's pussy. Regardless, the couple that can laugh during sex together...can make great porn together.

One these two fucked on the couch, Aiden covered Luke in cum, then shoved his raw dick back inside.

And Luke looks adorably coy taking some and tasting it in his mouth.

If you're not over the edge now, are you even human?

I'm working on getting an interview with Luke - everyone cross your fingers and stay tuned.

Who would you LOVE to see fuck Luke Hudson? What about you - would you fuck Luke Hudson's pussy?


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