See The Full Chris Pratt Nude Scenes From Passengers

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At the end of December we checked out Chris Pratt's hyped-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives nude scenes from Passengers, but today we have the full clips showing off his yummy HD dumper! Those pictures were pretty shitty and actually my article was pretty shitty too, so it's fine that ~none~ of you commented. Although, someone did "Recommend" it, so thanks. Hopefully, you'll find the full Passengers nude scenes more inspiring. I know I sure do!

Passengers finds Jim (Pratt) and a former "it" girl all in a tizzy, because they've mistakingly awoken from an induced, time-freeing slumber aboard a futuristic spacecraft. The intergalactic trip still has 90 years to go, so the two of them know that they will live the rest of their lives together in isolation. It doesn't take long for the passengers to fall in love, but their modified happily-ever-after is interrupted when they realize something is threatening the mission, as well as the lives of the thousands of sleeping people aboard the ship. 



See #Passengers on Dec. 21st and see if you can spot the stunt that caused these bruises!

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Chris Pratt teased his nude scenes before the release of Passengers, and he definitely delivers in a major way because this is the first time we've seen his ass since his buff transformation. In 2008's Wanted Pratt's cheeks were so squishy and sexy, but there's a good chance you won't mind seeing them soaking wet and hard as boulders in Passengers

Thanks to a space shower and a nude space hallway walk we get not one, but two looks at Chris' monster butt in Passengers. He also has space sex with Jennifer Lawrence, which interestingly marks her nude debut. Obviously no one wants to see that. In addition to glimpsing Chris Pratt nude, we also get some looks at his defuckinglicious chest fuzz and adorable face in Passengers, and you can check it all out below and in the gallery!

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