This Famous Actor Stripped Down For John Barrowman's 50th

A hell of a lot is happening in the inconsequential non-us world today (the White House leaked Donald Trump's only flattering tax return and it ended up in the hands of a lesbian, Ke$ha dropped the "$" from her name, Ben Affleck revealed that his secret identity is Batalcoholic) BUT, fuck the non-us world, because Arrow star Stephen Amell graced co-star John Barrowman's 50th birthday party with his shirtless self!

Both Barrowman and Amell are Fleshbot Gay-approved in their own right because Barrowman has a habit of showing off husband Scott Gill's dick and Stephen Amell has a habit of showing off his amazing ass on screen. In preparation for his 50th birthday, the openly gay John Barrowman shaved off his dye job to let his natural gray hair shine through. It's a good look in its own right, but it really pops when we see it next to the insanely ripped Stephen Amell - who put one hell of a smile on Barrowman's face by wearing just camouflage boxer briefs and some beads. How did you get those beads, Amell? That's the real news!



One of my favorite pictures from my Birthday party last night. JB

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Here's the thing... John Barrowman is only turning 50 once...

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