Brad Powers MAY Have A Fetish For Catching Guys In The Act...

March 15, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

He catches TWO GUYS in TWO DAYS jacking off in the act in Bromo's latest scenes - One of them even jacks off over his face!

We all have our fetishes and things that turn us on. 

For Brad Powers (and let's be real here - the scene writers at Bromo), it's punishment and catching guys in the act. Some guys are always in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Brad seems to always be in the right place. In TWO days, he catches TWO guys in the act of jerking.

If it walks like punishment, and talks like punishment, maybe it's Brad Powers' fetish.

First, Brad Powers catches Jay Austin in the act of jacking off in the bathroom

[WATCH: Open Door Open Ass - Bromo]

First he ignores the poor guy jacking off so he can take a piss. But then he starts working on the Jay's cock as punishment... 

From Bromo:

Jay Austin is beating his meat when Brad Powers casually strolls in, bends Jay over the sink and starts banging him raw. They take a quick break and Jay goes down on Brad to get him even harder, then they're back at it all over the bathroom, until Brad unloads on Jay's ass.

All in all, it looks like Jay was asking for it. He looks like he's in complete ecstasy as Brad bends him over and they stare at themselves fucking in the mirror...

That raw fuck must have hit his prostate really good! He even came while getting fucked!

Maybe Jay disagrees with what I said yesterday about missionary being the best position...


But the day before, Brad Powers caught Gunner Cannon in the act of jacking off over Brad's head while he was asleep!


He gave him a little harder punishment than he gave Jay Austin - he tied him up and made Gunner his slave - but the raw fuck was just as hard.

From Bromo:

Gunner is a little freak who gets caught in the act by Brad Powers. As punishment, Brad ties Gunner up and without skipping a beat starts fucking Gunner's tight ass raw - using him like a mere fuck-toy.

Gunner Cannon definitely knew what he was doing - maybe HE'S the one with the fetish of getting caught?


Plus, when you think about it, punishment isn't that bad.

Not to mention, most guys have a fantasy of being dominated. And I SUPPOSE it's not as extreme as anything going on at Cazzo Club...

Cazzo Club

[WATCH: Best of Perverts - Cazzo Club]

Have you ever been caught in the act? Was it as hot as Brad Powers and Bromo made it out to be?

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