Grindr Finally Announced Emojis, And They Keep It Real... Gay

March 14, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency

The gay dating app Grindr is helping homos connect with each other in even more meaningful ways with new custom emojis, and the images are all over the fucking place and pretty damn amazing! The over 100 emojis cover a wide range of gay colloquialisms as well as fairly specific gay fetishes. Whether you're feeling fun and flirty or feeling like you want to get stuffed by bald catfish's curved eggplant, there's an emoji to fit your unique needs!

Considering that Grindr users are sending pictures of their anuses to each other, the newly released emojis are fairly restrained and some of them are downright adorable. To think that you can have a D in your B without even typing a word is pretty inspiring, and I hope that with some strategic use of these emojis I can kiki with a hot basic bodybuilding gamer with a gay lisp before going to chow town on his fat eggplant. At his house. While high. While his dog watches. And a bunny lifts weights in the corner or whatever the fuck is going on. Are you excited to use the Grindr emojis? are you loving any of these images?

H/T: Queerty

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