Felix Chase Spreads His Legs and Gets It DEEP From Gabriel Phoenix

March 14, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Felix and Gabriel had an instant connection they met. Both guys couldn't wait to get their bones on each other's bones

[WATCH: Gabriel Phoenix and Felix Chase - Badpuppy]

Sometimes missionary sex is the best sex. Watch these two guys prove it at Badpuppy!

This may be an unpopular opinion, but it is my unpopular opinion:

When done correctly, missionary position is the best sex position.

And I think this both on the top and the bottom. While some of those scary gay sex positions can be fun, you don't *ALWAYS* need those to get off. Sometimes the intensity of lifting your legs up, and looking someone in the eye while they rail on you (or you rail on them) is enough. Not to mention the fact that lifting your legs puts your hole closer to your prostate, and makes the sex that much more intense.

Felix Chase knows what I'm talking about.

In multiple positions that Gabriel Phoenix fucks him in, Felix Chase's legs are wide open and ready to receive the prostate massage of his life.

But not before these two jumped each other's bones! 


From Badpuppy:

The passion was immediate between blond haired Gabriel Phoenix and hunky Felix Chase. After a brief interview these two young studs start kissing; and I mean, very deep kissing. As they take turns stripping each other out of their clothes Felix is the first to discover the extremely large piece of meat Gabriel was hiding in his underwear. 

As is the case with many porn studios, they probably locked these boys in a cage for three days before the shoot and fed them only chicken broth, so when it came time for the shoot, they'd be ready.

Look at Felix gobbling down Gabriel Phoenix's cock like it's going out of style!

He's got that "I can't wait to spread my legs for this" face going on.

Gabriel Phoenix enjoyed a little cock worship too!

But when you have a nice cock like Felix's, it makes it easy...

These boys wasted no time with rimming or other foreplay - once Felix was ready, he spread his legs wide open.

If only ALL bottoms were as educated and as eager as him.

These two fucked in a few other positions like doggy, but clearly, missionary was their favorite. And for a good reason!

What's your favorite position - are you a fan of missionary, like Felix Chase, or do you prefer something different?


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