Gay Olympian Blake Skjellerup Is Nude In Revealing New Picture

March 13, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by his_excellency

Blake Skjellerup is an adorable Olympian hailing from New Zealand, and thanks to a new Instagram post from his boyfriend, we can see his cute ass complete with a hot tan line! This isn't the first time that Blake has shown off what the good Lord gave him below-the-belt, and we have plenty of yummy bulge pictures because apparently, this guy lives in a Speedo.

Hot z-list Olympians are kind of like Real Housewives in that there are a billion of them and through the tiniest bit of exposure they are able to amass substantial social media followings, get invited to above-average parties, and get paid to endorse colonic clinics on Instagram. It's the life I was meant to live! NE WAY, the super adorable Blake Skjellerup was a speed skater for team New Zealand during the 2010 Olympics, where he came in 16th. This has earned him the right to include "Olympian" in his Instagram bio, and I'm sure as much man tail as he can handle. THE LIFE!

The best words to describe Blake would be "cute" and "adorable," or "cutely adorable," or "adorably cute," or just "acutely fuckable." I mean he is a puppy, and mamma likes doggie. Wait, WTF. While Blake Skjellerup does his best to look like a man prostitute on Instagram, it appears that he's tied down by a Mr. Caleb Choo. Thanks to hashtags, we know that the new double butt picture was taken on a #gaydate. The subject matter consists of #nude #gayboys with their #buttsout during #sexytime. Choo forgot to add #myboyfriendhasaplumpandhighlyfuckableass. Trending! 

Head to the gallery to get to know Blake a little better, and let us know what you think in the comment section below. Hot tip: Your comments are the only things that give me self-worth so fire away!

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