Internet Freaking Out Over Chris Hemsworth Shirtless Workout

March 13, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

It turns out that in order to look like Christ (type and it stays because he is the second cuming) Hemsworth you have to A) be blessed by the Gods of genetics with manly man Aussie good looks and B) workout like a mother fucker. Thanks to Chris Hemsworth' new Instagram video, we get to appreciate both A and B, and the Internet is fa-reaking out, for good reason!

This weekend, Chris posted a montage of his exhausting workout, and the highlights include looks at his yummers sweaty bod, a BDSM harness thing that needs to be featured in at least 20 gay porn movies by EOD, and, most importantly, a little bulge action when Chris lifts the barbell!



Early morning session with @emerysurfboards @australia

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Hemsworth isn't about to give up goods this valuable without making a buck, and after reading the caption on this Insta post, we know that he's pimping out something or someone or whatever called Zoco Body Pro. While seeing the Kardashian sisters pimping out girdles on Instagram will always be my favorite paid celeb post, this one is definitely runner up. Now we just need Chris to shill for Andrew Christensen or an anal bleaching tutorial company and we'd be all set! Check out the Chris Hemsworth workout GIFs below.

Via Buzzfeed

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