Dirk Caber 'Auditions' Liam Knox With His Ass

March 13, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Liam Knox gets the big break he's always wanted, and Dirk Caber gets his ass broken in like he's never had it before!

[WATCH: "Auditions: Scene 1" - Titan Men]

The two star in scene one of "Auditions" - the newest film from Titan Media

We see it all over gay Twitter, gay Facebook, and gay...everywhere - the attention-seeking gay male who is an "aspiring porn star". Perhaps they don't realize that to be a porn star, all you have to do is apply, or that it's 2017 and you can make your own porn, OR that's it's 2017 and we reached peak gay porn last year, but we all know that person.

Liam Knox is that person.

But unlike our attention-starved friend, Liam Knox had a chance encounter that led him to become a porn star. And unlike our friend, Liam Knox is DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS and made for porn. Exhibit A:

From Titan Men:

He has what it takes: The smile. The muscles. The dick. All he needs is that big break to get into the biz. Thankfully for Liam Knox, a chance encounter gets him an Audition as fellow TitanMen exclusives Jesse Jackman and Dallas Steele help to show him the ropes. Shirtless jogger Liam Knox gets distracted on his run by familiar stranger Dirk Caber, who opens his door for a spirited flip fuck—and a world of possibilities.

Looks like Dirk Caber started the audition outside, starting out by giving Liam a hot blowjob...

And of course, Liam paid him back with some lip service of his very own.

Once these two couldn't take the heat, they moved it inside and Dirk "auditioned" Liam.

First, Dirk Caber took Liam's cock up his ass, and then he fucked Liam to see how well he could take some cock.

I'm guessing by the MASSIVE load of cum Dirk shot, that Liam passed this audition with FLYING colors.

And then after, they celebrated with cake - I guess it was Dirk Caber's birthday!

What is Jasun Mark doing in this image?

Have you ever wanted to audition for porn? What do you think about Liam Knox's "audition"? But also, what do you think of Liam Knox?


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