Brothers Arrested After Their Nude Make Out Turns Violent

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And no, this didn't even happen in Florida! It was in a magical land called Indiana. In this tale of forbidden love, public indecency, and cocaine, two brothers, Tomothy Batz and Noah Batz, were caught making out with each other while buck ass nude outside of an apartment complex. The unappreciative manager who tried to put an end to their brotherly tongue swallowing got what was coming to her, because they stopped her yapping by punching her in the fucking face! Here's the jizz-st: Via WFLA

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An investigation found that Timothy and Noah had punched a woman in the forehead earlier after she refused to entertain the brothers’ naked antics. The punch left the woman with a large knot on her forehead.

The assistant manager of the apartment complex stated that she saw the brothers “passionately making out” in front of a dumpster as residents were being advised to stay away from the two. One of the brothers then ran at her and threatened to kill her while banging on her vehicle’s windows.

The two continued their charade by getting in and out of nearby vehicles without permission from the owners.

A witness stated that he also observed the brothers yelling and screaming threats as they jumped and banged on several vehicles in in the apartment complex.

Once taken into custody, the brothers told authorities that they had been under the influence of marijuana and mushrooms.

Marijuana - what a cute name for angel dust. So, there's a lot to unpack here, but first off, how much do you love that the manager said the brothers were "passionately making out?" Like girl, get a romance novel and stop projecting your shit onto these brothers just trying to live their truth. So obviously, Timothy and Noah were tweaked out and going apeshit, but what I think we're all wondering is if this was a once off thing or if these two lived in this luxury apartment complex together... as luhvas.

Since two men can't make a Picasso butt baby together, I don't really care what brothers do. If there weren't restrictions on porn, TRUST ME, all of these "My STEPdad Fucked Me In The Shower" and "My STEPdad Fucked My Other STEPdad While Sitting On My STEPbrother's Face" videos would omit the word "step" in a second. People are pervs, whatever!


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