WAIT. There Are Places In The Castro You Can Rent To Fuck For $10 AN HOUR?

March 10, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Supposedly so - and Naked Sword Originals' newest series is all about them...

[WATCH: "The Ten Spot: Episode 1" - Naked Sword Originals]

Calvin Banks and Micky Jr. rent one of these apartments in the first episode of "The Ten Spot"

And I guess - judging by the way Calvin Banks is fucking Micky Jr. - that some crazy shit goes on there.

These days, living is expensive, and only getting more so. And so Woody Fox has an idea - to make some extra cash, he can let guys rent the apartment next to his to fuck in. Genius, right?

From Naked Sword:

For years guys have been hooking up and taking their tricks to The Ten Spot, a legendary fuck pad located in San Francisco’s Castro District. Today Sexy Falcon Exclusive Woody Fox lives in the apartment next door and runs the operation, where everyone is welcome as long as they leave $10 on the bed on the way out. Some people wonder why it’s so cheap but there’s something they don’t know: Woody has a secret fetish that makes it all worthwhile.

Bathhouses are expensive, and public places can be dangerous. So this is perfect!

Calvin Banks and Micky Jr. are first up. 

First, Calvin gets Micky's hole ready with a slobbery tongue bath. And Micky pays him right back with some cock worship!

I bet Woody LOVES watching Calvin fuck, with his boyish face, huge cock and perfect body.

And I bet Calvin loved fucking Micky's smooth, perfect ass!

If this happens and is old news, forgive me - I'm just a shy, sheltered boy from Oklahoma.

And at the end, Woody Fox was showing the whole operation to Brandon Wilde. Maybe they're up next to fuck in the infamous apartment? 

So do these places actually exist? What are they like? Have you fucked in one?


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