Just Watch Very Slo-Mo Blonde Ass Hair Jiggle, K?

March 9, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by his_excellency


UM, ok. First off, can we just acknowledge the artful nature of this video depicting a gorgeous jiggling bubble butt covered in delish blonde fuzz? This would be best seen projected in the big main room at MOMA where they usually show shitty boring videos of shapes and garbage. Untitled (Ass Jiggle) needs to be at a museum if for no other reason than I want an ass magnet and ass umbrella from the gift shop. Excuse me, does my student discount work on the assbrellas?

What we're seeing in this video is the true definition of a bubble butt. In addition to the sheer squeezable, jiggly goodness of those beautiful cheeks, and of course aforementioned blonde fuzz, we can also see a sexy tan line and JUST enough between-the-crack action to know this guy's working with a pretty lil' pink butthole. I'm Pretty and I would like to be In Pink. See the slow motion butt video above and let us know your thoughts!

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