Brogan Reed Sure Knows How to Take Care of His Daddy Rodney Steele...

First Brogan Reed calms Rodney Steele down with a massage, then he opens up his hole and lets daddy Rodney fuck him

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Looks like Brogan Reed knows how deliver FULL service!

Have you ever had a day so stressful that when you got home, all you wanted to do was have someone rub your shoulders? 

BUT - did you have a live-in masseur like Rodney Steele? If not, you're doing your entire life wrong - live more like Rodney and get a sugar baby. But not just any sugar baby / live-in masseur: One as hot as Brogan Reed.

From Icon Male:

Rodney Steele is lucky to have younger boy toy Brogan Reed live with him. Not only is he a stud, but he's a professional masseur. After a stressful dinner, Brogan relaxes his older daddy with a full service body massage. Cocksucking and ass worship does the body good!  Mixed with a hard core ass fucking! A little rubbing and loving is just what Rodney needed! 

If your daddy looked like Rodney Steele, would you fuck him?

Great body, and a hot cock. What if ALL daddies looked like Rodney Steele?

And in case you forgot, Brogan Reed's body is perfect.

Maybe these two are a match made in heaven. Who really needs who? Maybe they need each other.

First Brogan starts off by giving his daddy a relaxing rub down. 

No deep tissue or pressure - just enough hands to get daddy's blood flowing.

And get Daddy's blood flowing, Brogan sure did! After a few minutes of rubbing, Rodney was hard as a rock!

Brogan must have good hands, know what he's doing, or both...

And then, the moment we were all waiting for - Brogan opens that hole for daddy.

From the load of cum he sprayed all over Brogan's chest, I guess that relaxed Rodney... 

Which one is luckier - Rodney for having a live-in masseur, or Brogan for having a daddy with a humongous dick?

Have You ever had a full-service massage? Did it end in sex, like Brogan Reed's and Rodney Steele's session?

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