Nude Brother Skateboarders / Models Show Cocks Together

March 9, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Oh brother! Benjamin Godfre and Michael Godfre are a thing that I was unaware of, and apparently, the brother skateboards/models are beyond comfortable in their own skins. Basically, if you love THAT pic of the Carver twins but though "hm, now why are they wearing clothes?" you are in luck because in these GIFs the Godfre bros go buck naked while showing off their mad skateboarding skills in the middle of San Francisco! The San Francisco treat, indeed.

At first sight, Benjamin and Michael look like they got kicked out of LFO for being too douchy, but after staring at these GIFs for too long, I've learned that if you squint at the one with the dark hair as he walks towards the camera nude - and I mean really squint - it's Milo Ventimiglia. Magic! The two for one Godfre special features two hard bods, two flopping penises, and four plump ass cheeks, and I'm not hating it one bit. Well, there you go. Fucking California.

UPDATE: Benjamin Godfre is a full blown porn star. My apologies to his fans for saying that he looks like an LFO-rejected douch.


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