Blow Enthusiast Gigi Hadid Photographs SEXY BF Zayn Malik

March 9, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Zayn Malik really is one of the sexiest things in the entire world, and we'd sure as fuck cover him more here if A) he took off his shirt to reveal that yummers bod once in a damn while and B) he wasn't inserting himself into a 90 pound pile of Yolanda Foster Hadid's DNA. For the new Versus Versace campaign, a team of specialists put Zayn in thousands of dollars worth of clothes, set up thousands of dollars worth of lighting, and stuck a bazillion dollar camera in Gigi's hand and told her to press the button. So, according to the Internet, Gigi Hadid is now a talented fashion photographer. According to me, I just released my bowels.




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Yes, the family that makes that Kardashians look like the Kennedys is slowly taking over the world, and unfortunately, one of their conquests is 24-year-old former One Direction singer Zayn Malik, or, as he's now known, Just Zayn. ::Said like Jack::. In Gigi's photoshoot for Versace, we can see those beautiful camel eyelashes from Zayn, his thick ass beard, and a hint of sexy belly hair. This boy is smoking hot and it would be just swell if he would do some kind of artsy nude shoot. I don't even care if Gigi is the one faux taking the pictures. Be relevant for once Gigi Hadon't!

P.S.: if you don't watch Real Housewives and therefor weren't properly introduced to the Foster/Hadid brothel, skip to the 18:28-minute mark from this episode of "Hot T" below for all you need to know. And of course, make your dick happy with all the new pics of Just Zayn in the gallery!


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