People are Shooked Over Sexy Pietro Boselli Workout GIFs

March 8, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Okay, before we get into these sexy workout GIFs of former World's Sexiest Math Teacher and current Instagram model Pietro Boselli, does anyone watch his YouTube videos? More specifically, has anyone watched "My secret for healthy looking skin and hair?" Bitch spends seven minutes talking about oxygen and humidity and pores and shit, and we learn that he takes a shower approximately every 36 hours. He doesn't even pimp out a skin product! And his big secret is that he washes with soap-free soap! WTF did I just watch. 



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And we're back. the 28-year-old Italian has made a career out of being stunningly attractive and has just the most adorable face you've ever seen (complete with clean but not dried out skin), Superman hair, and of course an insanely ripped body. Thankfully, the queens of the Gay Internet have taken it upon themselves to break down Pietro Boselli's workout into these HAWT bite-sized GIFs! In addition to giving the same expression that he might give if you penetrated his tight little butthole (last GIF), you can see Pietro Boselli's penis indentation in his gym shorts. Bellissimo! 

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