Another Annoyingly Gorgeous Model Jhona Burjack Nude

March 7, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Oh, flawless, sexy, gorgeous models, how I hate your guts. And yet, how I also want to be in your guts. Quandary! The Brazilian sex explosion Jhona Burjack has everything going for him in the looks department, and in these new pictures, you can see his sexy nude bod! The ripped model has a career beyond Instagram, and has rocked the runway for Moschino and graced the pages of magazines like Attitude and Vulkan (current home of Nolan Gould).

Jhona Burjack has unreal abs, DSL for days, a hell of a head of hair, jawfuckingline, and possibly most importantly, his eyebrows have eyebrows! I'm not convinced they're not part of his head hair and he just shaves his forehead and temples. If you're a fan of Matthew Daddario then you might see some similarities, and if you're not a fan of Matthew Daddario yet, git with the program grl.

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Photographer Jeff Segenreich knows that models ironically look best without any clothes, and captures Jhona Burjack's tight ass in this new black and white spread. Jhona can be seen getting his dick and ass stank all over a white couch before posing by the door with his hand covering his boy bits. Of course, we're not going to not check out Burjack's sexiest Instagram pics, so head to the gallery if you want to Burjack off to Jhona!

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