Blake Mitchell Takes Noah White For a Joy Ride at Helix Studios

March 7, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

First, the boys ACTUALLY go for a joy ride, then Noah White takes a joy ride on Blake Mitchell's cock

[WATCH: Joy Ride - Helix Studios]

After a playful wrestling session, both boys are ready for some action at Helix Studios

Handsome Blake Mitchell is every twink bottom's dream top...if those twink bottoms are into handsome big dicked uncut tops with chiseled features and chiseled abs. Many twinks have dreamt of riding Blake Mitchell but Noah White may be the first to take him for a joy ride...literally.

From Helix Studios:

It has to be every bottom's fantasy to go on a date with big dicked Blake Mitchell! On this sunny San Diego day, pretty boy Noah White gets the honor and we get to tag along as the boys take a joy ride. Blake puts his arm around the twink and pulls him close as he plants a perfect kiss on his date. A wild wrestling match turns into a make out session which leads to some sizzling sex! 

Yes, that's right: Before Blake Mitchell rode Noah's ass, he rode him around so they could get comfortable.

Then after some kissing and hot foreplay, which even included a little cute wrestling to get the blood flowing, Noah took a look at what he'd ACTUALLY get to ride on.

If the walls in that room (or in Noah's brain) could talk...

Blake calmed Noah down (and opened him up) with a little tongue-in-the-butt action.

Then Blake took Noah for the ride of his life...

...or was it vice-versa?

These two fucked in all different positions before they both finally shot huge loads all over Noah's chest.

Talk about the ride of a lifetime!

Is Blake Mitchell your dream top? Who would you like to see him paired with next?


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