Terrible Lighting Can't Keep Fabian Flores's Thick Uncut Dick From Being Amazing

March 6, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Fabian Flores' dick has charisma. Bad lights, and a small, poorly-decorated hotel room won't keep Fabian's dick from getting the shine it deserves.

[WATCH: Fabian Flores - Badpuppy]

Fabian's dick is so amazing that the Badpuppy director couldn't even keep his hands off of it!

Have you ever seen a dick that was so pretty, you wanted to make love to it? There are penises of all shapes, sizes, and aesthetics out there. And while guys with non-large penises are the Real MVPs, there's something about a nice, large and aesthetic penis.

And the most aesthetic large penis now belongs to Fabian Flores.

I mean, you can't see it yet. But even as he holds the outline of his hard cock in his pants, you know something is a-brewing.

From Badpuppy:

A few weeks ago our Argentinian producer, Rodrigo, ran into this young, muscular stud, Fabian Flores, while sitting at the bar in a new city. After a bit of conversation Fabian learns that Rodrigo shoots gay porn movies and he blushingly asks if Rod thought he had what it took to make a video. Rod told him that he would need to see the merchandise and do a short test video to see how Fabian looked on film. 

Even as he sits there, Fabian's cock (and balls) look magnificent.

Have you EVER wanted to crawl in between someone's legs as badly as you do right now? Yes, the lighting may be terrible, but it's not the worst scenario I've ever seen. Remember that time Ettore Tosi and Hector Da Silva bumped uglies on the ugliest comforter ever?

His cock looks even better fully erect!

It's so thick. It's so long. He's even got the perfect amount of foreskin. What would you do to have that inside you right now?

As he continues to jack off on his hotel bed, his foreskin goes up and down - here he is with the skin pulled completely up.

Do you prefer him skin up or skin down?

As Fabian continues to jerk, the camera man Rodrigo can't keep his hands off.

It's usually annoying when directors get involved with scenes, and while Rodrigo's hands are slightly annoying, it's easy to see why he got carried away. And admit - if you were in his shoes, you'd do the same thing, too.

After some jerking, Rodrigo films Fabian until he shoots a hot load of jizz all over those abs, and then as he takes a shower and washes it all off.

Is Fabian Flores' cock the prettiest dick you've ever seen? Would you like to see him in more gay porn scenes?


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