Now Nude On Netflix: Guy Pearce, Hot Gay Sex Scene, MOAR

March 2, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Netflix just added a fine butt lineup to its streaming service, and we've got all the mens right here! The real winner for March is the gay dramedy People You May Know (2016) which features a pretty damn good gay sex scene with Jimmy Shaw and Sean Maher. The 80's are alive and swell with stars Andrew McCarthy and Robert Downey Jr. in Less Than Zero (1987). Brazilian Western (2013) did well in the festival circuit in its native Brazil, and while I have no idea if that's a measure for success, I do know that it features an unusually crisp look at a perfect man ass. Oh, and Guy Pearce goes nude in Memento (2000). Check 'em out below!

Jimmy Shaw and Sean Maher in People You May Know (2016)

This is a gay flick about four gays in their 40's navigating love and friendship in Los Angeles. When one of them gets a woman pregnant, things get messy. And yes, I just checked to see if The Next Best Thing is on Netflix, and no, it's not.

Robert Downey Jr.
 in Less Than Zero (1987)

Robert prepares for the next two decades of his life by playing a sloppy drug addict.

Fabrício Boliveira
 in Brazilian Western (2013)

A doomed relationship between a drug dealer in too deep and the woman of his dreams leads to tragedy in 1980's Brazil.  

Guy Pearce
 in Memento (2000)

I always think that Guy Pearce was married to Madonna, but it was Guy Ritchie. Pearce has a hot body and gives severe face, but IDK what's happening with this butt situation. Anyway, everyone and their mom was talking about Memento in 2001. In addition to its inventive structure intended to marry the audience with the mind of a man with short-term memory loss, it was also one of the first films to use viral marketing in the Internet age. If I ever go into acting, it will be in my contract that my butt can never be filmed in this leaning over position. 

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