Cops Out and Rips Off Amateur Gay Porn Style Videos

March 2, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Dennis West and Griffin Barrows sit awkwardly on a couch and answer questions before they have their scene

[WATCH: "With Him" - Gods Of Men]

No scenario, no build up, just sex - has given up?

If knows one thing well, it's an overly-contrived scene scenario, be it a porn parody or otherwise. Remember last year's tragic "Little Red Riding Hood" knockoff, where Luke Adams and Kurtis Wolfe wore red hoodies?

[WATCH: "Hairy Tales: Red Rides" -]

Maybe they've learned enough is enough.

In "With Him" the latest scene from, they take the route more favored by studios like GayHoopla, Sean Cody and Chaos Men.

That is to say, no plot, no ambiance. Just awkward couch interviews beforehand, awkward cuddling, and BAM!


They even phoned in the scene description!

From Gods of Men /

Dennis West and Griffin Barrows prepare for their first scene together. Griffin swallows Dennis' dick, getting it nice and lubricated for his tight bottom. Dennis plunges his tongue into that tight hole, working it open with his strong fingers before loading it up with his hard cock.

Such a shame for a pretty good fuck film!

That being said, is still giving us some of the most DRAMATIC still shots ever for its films.

Doesn't Griffin Barrows look...oddly adorable...sucking Dennis's cock? I know Griffin thinks his fans love his ass the most (and yeah, it's true) but the boy has BEAUTIFUL eyes.

Have you ever seen rimming get so up close and personal?

Griffin looks like he's having a great time, and Dennis West is what we ALL look like when we're rimming. Or what we all SHOULD look like. Jesus be a long tongue! Maybe that's why Griffin said he was most excited to pair with Dennis and it wasn't just flattery.

It's almost like the director tried to keep things interesting by telling Griffin and Dennis to give their best smize as they were fucking.

Can you imagine trying to look elegant with a huge cock inside you?

And then the director hid, and jumped out last minute to scare Griffin and Dennis as they were fucking froggy style.

Okay maybe this wasn't as bad as originally intended.

And still, Dennis gives Griffin the hottest cum facial of the year.

Not sure if this is fake cum, but either way, Griffin's face looks more adorable splashed in splooge.

All that being said, doing amateur is STILL better than all those "Sex on a box" scenes from Hot House / Raging Stallion Studios. Maybe they're not coping out - maybe they're just turning a new leaf.

Do you prefer amateur-style gay porn, or do you prefer your porn with scenarios like other scenes?


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