Is Jason Vario The Top That Gay Porn Has Always Needed?

March 1, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

And will Jason Vario EVER shoot a bad scene?

[WATCH: "Two Men Kiss: Scene Four" - Titan Men]

His latest perfect scene includes cute bottom Lorenzo Flexx. Watch as they close out "Two Men Kiss" at Titan Men.

Most men that come around in gay porn only tend to do so for short amounts of time, and retire, leaving most of us and most of their fans heartbroken. Many of us have learned not to crush on porn stars, but we ALL may have to make an exception for Jason Vario.

Jason is one of gay porn's newest models, and has taken the industry by storm. His debut and most of his work has been for Titan Men, but he's worked for other studios, including Raging Stallion.

The man has yet to put out a bad scene, and today, he stars with Lorenzo Flexx in the finale of "Two Men Kiss" from Titan Men - their scene was so hot that they even made the cover!


From Titan Men:

“Fuck, that feels amazing!” moans Lorenzo as his ass gets eaten, thumbed and fucked. Lorenzo sits on the top, balls slamming against balls, before getting on his back—licking Jason’s thumb as the top grinds in deep. “Come all over me!” moans the bottom, who is soon soaked—Jason rubbing and licking it off him before one last kiss.

So apparently Jason is good at rimming too. Is there anything he can't do?

He can't not be ungodly attractive. THAT is what Jason Vario can't do.

The muscles. The fat uncut cock. The face. The skin. And even the tattoos (before you start) all come together to make a man that is just walking sex.  

Hell - Lorenzo Flexx is gorgeous in his own right - that probably made Jason Vario even more anxious to fuck him.

And since their scene was the hottest in "Two Men Kiss" that's why they made the cover!

Imagine having this tower of muscled, thick-dick perfectness fucking the hell out of you.

But then, imagine this tower of muscled, thick-dick perfectness shooting a massive load on your chest AFTER he fucks you.

He even licks it up afterwards, but you'll have to watch the video for that...

Hell, he even looks like a dream in the behind-the-scenes footage. Jason and Lorenzo look like they've had the time of their lives!

He even STILL looks like a dream in the behind-the-scenes footage, in the most perfectly lit photo of all time.

And Lorenzo is still cracking up at something - again, is there anything Jason can't do?

Is Jason Vario perfect? Is he a literal angel? Has he been sent to us from the porn gods themselves? May he never retire ever.

Who would you love to see Jason Vario paired with most? 


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