Kit Wild Lets His Tongue Do ALL The Talking At Badpuppy

February 28, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

First, Kit Wilde kisses Billy Rock's lips; then he kisses his cock and everywhere else

[WATCH: Billy Rock and Kit Wilde - Badpuppy]

Watch these two get down with some crazy action at Badpuppy

When it comes to sex, what are you - the type that likes to seduce, or the type that likes to BE seduced?

And as we learned from Billy Rock's last scene (and his debut on Fleshbot) he prefers to let someone else take the lead. Luckily, Kit Wilde is up for the challenge, with one caveat - he gets to kiss ALL over Billy Rock's body.

From Badpuppy:

Kit Wilde loves to kiss and he makes it clear that he wants to kiss every single inch of Billy Rock's tight swimmers build body. As Kit kisses his way around Rock's body and the clothes come off; the bulges in their shorts tell a bigger story. 

After ENOUGH tongue talking, Billy lets HIS tongue talk - all over Kit's thick cock.

Why is it that twinks ALWAYS have the biggest cocks? INB4 "because it looks bigger on their smaller frame" - shut up, we know.

Of course, Kit pays him back with some mouth service of his own.

Kit wanted to kiss all over Billy's body, right? And now, he's 8 (REALLY THICK) inches closer to being there.

As good as it felt in his mouth, perhaps Kit's cock was too much for Billy Rock, at least initially.

As he struggles to take it, he looks like he could be the next porn meme. 

Badpuppy tends to catch their bottoms making some...awkward faces. Remember last week when Robert Palmer saw Denis Reed's cock for the first time?

At least you know their faces and reactions aren't faked then, I guess.

After a few long, deep strokes, Billy's ass opened up, and his true power bottom nature was released.

Then Kit finally gets as deep as possible inside Billy.

He doesn't QUITE get to kiss him all over, but there's always next time. And as usual, these boys end their session in thick ropes of cum - but you'll have to watch the video for that.

What gets you in the mood? Is it kissing, like Kit Wilde, or something else?


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