Moonlight Actors In Undies For Calvin Klein, And Bulge Ahead

February 27, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

There's nothing like a company that knows the hustle is real, and Calvin Klein is all about getting that coin with a sexy new campaign featuring the Moonlight men - a shoot which was released at the same time the Oscars aired. Do the hustle, dun dun dun dundundun... IDK how to write how it sounds. Trevante Rhodes joins the night's winner for Best Supporting Actor, Mahershala Ali, and Ashton Sanders for the steamy black and white Spring 2017 underwear campaign by photographer Willy Vanderperre. 



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Even though Emma Stone tried her damnnest to get all eyes back on her and her 1920's Victorian lampshade realness during the 89th Annual Academy Awards, Moonlight did indeed beat out La La Land for Best Picture of the Year. This historic moment represents the first LGBTQ film to win best the most coveted trophy in the movie industry. While 2002's Chicago was obviously gayer, it doesn't quite count. Obviously, the peeps at Calvin Klein spontaneously sandblasted their undies when the night's true winner was announced. And luckily, they know where to get more. 

Trevante Rhodes may not have nabbed a Best Actor trophy, but he might just be the winner of the Calvin Klein photo shoot. We already got a look at his arms for daysssss back with his spread for Out Magazine. This time around the clothes are off, the bulge is out, and Rhodes is looking damn fine!

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