"I Have To Admit...I Can't Wait To Hit That Ass"

February 23, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Damien Crosse seems to have fallen in love (or lust...or BOTH) with everything about Diego Reyes

[WATCH: "At First Sight" - Gods Of Men / Men.com]

Damien starts slow, but can't wait to get inside Diego in the newest scene at Men.com's Gods of Men

Damien Crosse has made his bonafide comeback, and this time, he ready to tap newbie Diego Reyes' ass.

From Men.com:

Damien Crosse was hooked from the first moment he set eyes on Diego Reyes. Cocks are sucked and asses are eaten leading up to the main dish. Damien works his dick into Diego, deliberately slow and steady before beginning the deep dicking.

But look at Diego Reyes. It's easy to see why Damien Crosse was in love with him at first sight.

So meaty. So beefy. So hairy. So hung. Not to mention, the throwback resemblance to Craig Reynolds. Are YOU in love with Diego yet?

As if you needed a reminder of how perfect Damien Crosse was...

P.S. If you aren't sure whether he's hot or not, his voice narration in the video will send you over the edge.

Damien wastes NO time opening up Diego's throat.

But first, he gets Diego in the perfect position for a good throat fuck.

Don't worry - Damien reaps the fruits of his labor as he sits back and enjoys a nice beej from Diego.

Once everyone and everything is nice and calm, Damien finally hits that meaty ass.

Slow at first, but once he speeds up, Diego loves it.

Then both boys cum all over Diego's chest.

No fake cumshots here - there was enough to not need to fake it.

It's so good seeing Damien Crosse get back to what he does best...fucking.

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

Watch Damien Crosse fuck Diego Reyes at Men.com

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