MENSA Hottie Nolan Gould Lands Fashion Shoot And Interview

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Nolan Gould - ya know, the 18-year-old hottie with the tight twink bottie of our dreams of Modern Family fame - is featured in a new spread for Vulkan Magazine looking all sorts of confused and sexay! Apparently, I've been under a rock, and my dream of Nolan Gould being a dumb dumb dummy dumb dumb has officially been dashed, because Nolan is actually a member of MENSA and has a reported IQ of 150! This is old news but has seriously complicated my fake relationship with Nolan. Ugh. Goodbye. If only you were an idiot. RELATED: See Nick Jonas. JK, but...

The folks at Vulkan dress Nolan in some ~looks~ and it appears that maybe possibly kinda he's learning to give face, at least in some of the pics? On the cover photo, Gould looks like he just figured out how a camera works and he's like "damn, that's intense." Give us less FACE and more of that.



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As you've probably already noticed, the folks at Vulkan more or less missed the entire fucking point of Nolan Gould, because unfortunately he's covered up in all of the photos. We at Fleshbot Gay know that Nolan Gould is 50% body, 20% adorbs curly hair, 20% upper thigh hair, and 10% bulge, and I won't hear otherwise! (Hopefully that last figure inflates when we get a closer look someday.)

The interview accompanying the photos proves that Nolan Gould is a total sweetie - like almost saccharin - and I actually believe all of it. Head to the gallery to see Nolan Gould's editorial realness, and check out the jizz-st of the interview below! 

On his most embarrassing moments on the set of Modern Family:

The most embarrassing one was probably the blue spandex-wrestling singlet. You know you’re close with your coworkers when one of the wardrobe ladies has to run to the store and buy you more “modesty socks.” Each time I come out in an embarrassing outfit, the crew’s personal cameras start flashing. I think they are all going to blackmail me at some point.

Yeah, they'll use the photos to blackmail all over their panties. 

On the next five years:

Is it too much to hope that the show will still be on? I have a unique experience that will really allow me to decide where I want to go with my life. I’m really lucky for that. I’m currently applying to film school so that’s one possible path. I would love to be involved in some other areas of making entertainment to exercise some different creative muscles and add to projects from a different perspective.

On identifying with his character, Luke Dunphy, on Modern Family:

I used to think we were so different but not so much anymore. Because the show has been on for eight years, we’ve seen Luke change a lot. Let’s be honest, he used to be really stupid. Remember the kid who got his head stuck in the banister in episode one? It was fun to play dumb but I didn’t connect with him.

And on the most adorable thing you've ever heard: 

I usually don’t mind (when fans come up to me in public.) If you see me on a date, please feel free to come up. Just make sure to talk about how funny and cool I am in front of my date!

Check out the rest of the interview at Vulkan Magazine

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