Fritz der Haarige Double Fists Rico Rothar

February 21, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

AND After Fritz de Haariage double fists Rico, these two studs have a bareback fuck session...complete with rubber gear

[WATCH: Fritz de Haariage and Rico Rothar - Cazzo Club]

Watch one of the piggiest sex scenes of the year at Cazzo Club

Cazzo Club has always been known for their pigginess - they have a 20-year history of delivering some of the best kinky porn from Europe. But today's scene may be one of their piggiest from the last year. Rico Rothar gets his ass DOUBLE FISTED and FUCKED by Fritz de Haariage.

From Cazzo Club:

Fritz der Harrige...accepts an invitation by rubber pig Rico Rothar to meet him in his apartment. The German Fritz has dressed in a black and yellow rubber Jersey and is welcomed by Rico who is kneeling before him...

Rico, in his assless black and red body suit, looks rearing to go!

Speaking of ass - look at Rico's hole. It definitely looks like it's seen some action in its day. I wonder how Fritz feels about that - easier to fist, but doesn't feel as good fucking, right?

I suppose Fritz de Harriage will worry about Rico's hole later. For now? Fritz is worried about one thing - shoving his cock as far as possible down Rico's throat.

We should have suspected this based on the condition of his hole, but Rico doesn't even gag!

Since a cock wasn't enough for Rico, Fitz moves to his arms.

You're not seeing double - that's just both of Fritz's arms inside Rico's hole. With what doesn't look like anything but some silicone lube. Rico is the very definition of a pig.

Then Fritz unzips Rico's body suit and shoves his hard, raw (and DIRTY) cock inside Rico's abused hole.

Fritz then fucks Rico even harder until both boys make a mess all over those body suits.

Good thing it's rubber - should clean right up!

And just when you thought you were kinky because you liked having your nipples lightly bitten. Sorry Cazzo Club one-uped you.

How much can your hole take? Can it take two fists like Rico Rothar's, or a cock as big as Fritz's?


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