Gallery: Laundry Fluffin’ with James Huntsman and Johnny Riley (Next Door Buddies)

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Johnny Riley just doesn't know when to stop pushing his luck. After pleading with his ex to use the washer/dryer, he makes a pass at his ex's step-brother. James Huntsman doesn't really get down like that, but Johnny convinces him pull out his cock and give it a try. Gagging Johnny with his hard dick, James begins to see why his brother would put up with Johnny's bullshit, but when Johnny bends over and gives up that ass, James gets the full picture. He pounds Johnny from behind, grabbing him by the waist and slamming his hole, as Johnny strokes himself.Giving him the spin cycle, James flips Johnny over and fucks the cum out of him, then drops his load all over the conniving little laundry slut. Rubbing it into his skin and smiling, Johnny knows there's no way James will tell his ex. Enjoy!

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