Stunning Model Charlie Matthews Goes Nude In Poolside Pics

February 20, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

The gorgeous model Charlie Matthews has freaky piercing green eyes, a chiseled bod, jawfuckingline, and, most importantly, he pops his booty like it's no one's business in a sexy poolside spread by Rick Day! If you don't want to bed Charlie at first sight, then you might at least be interested in his jewelry line, because yes, grl is a bracelet designer. And literally only bracelets. How stupid. JK I just bought 10. Not to get too off track, because we do got dat ass to get to, but how sexy and beast-like are his hairy hands in the ads for his bracelets?

Like damn bitch, don't hide what the good Lord gave you. Like all good Instagram models, Bear Claw is constantly shirtless in his pictures and has a habit of bulging out in a major way. I would automatically say that he's getting an assist with that panty grapefruit, but after seeing those hands, I just don't know.



In his poolside spread, Charlie Matthews strips down completely nude and gives us a look at his big bubble butt in a number of pictures. The Serbian-American stud sports a completely smooth ass in the images, which means that ::eyeing those hands:: he either underwent advanced Photoshopping, or he had the most fucking painful waxing session in history. Now, this is a guy who NEEDS to have leaked dick pics. I bet it's a big gulp for sure. 

Via Instagram

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