Meet The "Not That Special Looking" Model Troy Pes

February 17, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Troy Pes is a sa-moking hot Aussie model who takes to Instagram pretty much every day to show off his perfect face, ripped bod, and one hell of a head of hair! Honestly, just shampooing this guy's hair would be erotic as fuck. I could finish. The Gay Internet isn't about to ignore Troy Pes, and he's popping up more and more as our collective thirst grows. OH, and eyefuckingbrows! Look at those beauts!

The best thing about Troy Pes is that he's a ~humble~ hunk and knows that when all is said and done, he actually looks like wet garbage. He has a clothing line, and has this to say about being his own model: Via Tumblr

I basically have got no budget to put models in my T-shirts and pay them for their work. That is why… That is the reality of it. I don’t even consider myself a model because I am not that special looking plus I am only 1.76cm (5'9") but I have to do it because I can’t pay models or fashion photographers.

Da da da da dumpster face! If Troy Pes is ugly then I'm Swell Mel from the Garbage Pail Kids, but it's sweet of him to at least let us dream of a world in which pristine genetic perfection isn't "special looking." Get to know Troy Pes with his sexiest Instagram moments in the gallery. Also, check him out in action below, accompanied by some hot beats!



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