SEE Mason Lear Fuck Luke Hudson's Pussy In OKC in JockPussy's latest update

February 16, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Yes - Mason Lear fucks Luke Hudson's Pussy.

[WATCH: Luke Hudson and Mason Lear in Oklahoma City - JockPussy]

Mason Lear worships Luke's entire body before giving him a sensual fuck session

OKC What I did there? OKCUL8R! There's a lot to unpack here.

As both Mason Lear and Luke Hudson travel nationwide with Jason Sparks on the nationwide tour, both guys decided to film a scene for Luke's site in their hotel room. Not a bad way to rejigger (that's an Okie term) your schedule, pass the time, or kill two birds with one stone!

As we can see, Mason loves every bit of Luke.

I guess a little pussy never scared him off! Not only that, but it looks like Luke Loves every bit of Mason's tongue.

Luke loved Mason's cock too!

From Jock Pussy:

Luke Hudson finds himself being worshipped by the muscled Mason as Mason lays him down and pleasures him by kissing his body all over then making him moan in ecstasy as he uses his tongue and fingers.

Luke then takes Mason's cock in his mouth and it's Mason's turn to voice his delight. Now lubed with Luke's saliva Mason's cock enters Luke and the two are joined as one.

Who knew gay porn could be so wholesome?

The Mason took the plunge and plunged DEEP into Luke.

Then, he got even deeper - both boys loved the deep, sensual fucking session.

If you weren't sure BEFORE how deep Mason got inside Luke, Here's a close-up.

Once both boys couldn't take it anymore, Mason shot an impressive load on Luke's chest.

Look how far that cum flies!

Whom would you like to see fuck Luke Hudson next?


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