"Whoever Sucks My Dick The Best Gets The Room"

February 15, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Yes. Whoever Works Gage Unkut's Dick The Best Gets To Live In The Spare Bedroom At His Place.

[WATCH: "Raw Renters" - BROMO]

Who is competing for the room? Brandon Evans, Tom Faulk, and Gunner

Have you ever had the feeling of having so much to do, that you say "fuck it all" and take a nap instead? So many people have experienced this that The Internet made it into a meme.

Gage Unkut is experiencing this. But instead of taking a nap, he gets some blowjobs.

Not one, and not two, but THREE WHOLE BLOWJOBS.


From Bromo:

Gage Unkut is looking to rent his apartment but can't choose to which of the three renters (Tom Faulk, Brandon Evans, and Gunner). He comes up with an ingenious way to decide: whomever works his thick cock the best wins. The guys definitely deliver with a performance for the ages. How will he decide? Watch and find out.

Luckily, Gage Unkut is easy on the eyes, which makes competing easy.

Nice face, aging well, intriguing tattoos, and a thick uncut (if you're really looking at it, you see some foreskin) cock. Oh = check out those nipples, too!

And then, all the boys are off to show off their mouth skills!

They must ALL need a place to live. Have you ever needed an apartment this badly? Have you ever needed ANYTHING this badly?

It quickly goes from everyone working Gage's dick, to everyone working EVERYONE'S dick.

Maybe no one really needs the apartment...?

No. Tom Faulk needs the apartment.

I suppose Brandon Evans and Gunner have moved on, or will look elsewhere for housing.

The fuckfest ends with Gage and Brandon awkwardly cumming on Tom Faulk's knees.

So who in your opinion worked Gage's dick the best? And who do you think gets the room?


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