Kayden Grey Returns To Badpuppy

February 14, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

As Kayden Makes His Return, He Breaks In Cute Ginger Andro Mass With His Massive Cock

[WATCH: Kayden Grey Fucks Andro Maas - Badpuppy]

Badpuppy calls this "a deeply passionate scene featuring two incredibly sculpted studs" and we're inclined to agree

Some gay porn stars cash in on their fifteen minutes of fame, and work for as many studios as possible in a short period of time (remember that time Billy Santoro appeared in 5 scenes in 7 days?). They know gay porn isn't what it used to be, and work to make as much money as possible before eventually retiring.

Kayden gray is NOT that guy.

Kayden Gray works a little at a time, ensuring his name lives on for a while. He made a return to porn at Men At Play in November, after a short hiatus. And, after another hiatus, he returned to Men At Play in their latest scene, alongside Dani Robles.

[WATCH: "Nobody's Business - Men At Play]

This time, Kayden makes a return, but this time it's to Badpuppy.

And this time, he stars alongside sexy British ginger Andro Maas.

From Badpuppy:

Kayden Gray returns to Badpuppy with 27 year old ginger, Andro Maas in a deeply passionate scene featuring two incredibly sculpted studs...From riding Kayden's cock on the ottoman to Kayden pushing Andro's legs back as far as they will go, Kayden gives Andro an incredibly intense ass pounding.

I KNOW Kayden has a beautiful cock. But has it ever looked so big and so beautiful as it does when Andro is sucking on it?

One thing Kayden made evident - he LOVES Andro's ass.

As a top, Kayden loves ass. But Andro's was so big that Kayden couldn't help but love it. Ginger bottom with a huge ass - what's not to love?

After some hot foreplay, both guys were ready to go - Kayden plunged deep inside Andro and showed no mercy.

I mean, Kayden REALLY showed no mercy on Andro's ass.

It's almost like he let no position go unturned. But just when you thought Kayden had run out of positions, he hits us with another one, right up until each boy shoots their load.

When boys retire the industry makes a momentary fuss about it, but as jaded porn viewers, we all know they'll be back. But when Kayden even DECIDES to star in a porn scene, it's a big deal; hell - even our own Bradford wrote about 17 reasons why you should be obsessed with Kayden. It was years ago but still rings true. Kayden may be one of the biggest stars of our time based on that alone.

What do you think of Kayden's Return to Badpuppy?


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