Liam Knox and Dallas Steele Warm Up After a Dip In The Pool

February 13, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Liam and Dallas show us what happens when "Two Men Kiss" - the latest feature at Titan Men

[WATCH: "Two Men Kiss: Scene 1" - Titan Men]

No shrinkage here, thank GOD.

Don't act like you've never been there! After going for a dip in a pool that's a wee bit too cold, we've all experienced the dread of shrinkage. Most of us run inside, or dry off and warm up as quickly as possible.

But not Liam Knox! He's a lucky one. No, HE got Dallas Steele to warm him up with some lip locking and fucking.

Talk about keeping it wet...

From Titan Men:

“How was the water?” asks a lounging Dallas Steele as beefy Liam Knox exits the pool. “Cold! Could you warm me up a little?” Their lips meet, their beards sliding against each other. 

Then these two get down with some flip fucking.

Liam turns into a totally oral bottom too! First he gets on his knees between Dallas' legs to suck him off...

Then, Liam gets between Dallas Knees (while they're in the air) to get Dallas' hole nice and wet.

Dallas returns the favor, giving Liam's ass some attention.

But first, Dallas takes some time to admire that meaty ass of Liam's.

This picture is totally "Booty Had Me Like..." meme-worthy material.

Liam is all smiles as he FINALLY gets some cock inside him.

But Liam returns the favor to Dallas, fucking him before they shoot their loads on each other, and collapse on the bed in a pile of sweat.

The best part of this scene? Dallas and Liam looked like they had a ton of fun - throughout the entire scene, both guys look completely in to each other, down to the constant smiles on their faces.

The behind-the-scenes material looks lot too - looks like Dirk Caber may have joined in...

And they say porn doesn't have fluffers.

Are you excited for the rest of "Titan Men's" Two men Kiss?


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