Fluid Model Nyle DiMarco Video So Sexy It Hurts… Your Hole

February 7, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


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So, who wants to be that "O" in "Solstice" right about now? ME. The last time we checked in on the one and only Nyle DiMarco he was going majorly pubes out for a sexy black and white spread. It took a pair of high-waisted shorts for DiMarco to keep DiBush at bay, and although it's hidden from view in his brand new modeling video, there are still plenty of sights to take in! The Singapore-based Solstice Magazine knows a man when they see one, and in a teaser video, they provide close-up shots that pan DiMarco's hairy and perfectly ripped body.

It's like Nyle was put through a George Foreman because grl has an undetectable amount of body fat! Of course, there is more than a detectable amount of thigh hair on Nyle DiMarco, and now that we know what it leads to, it's all the more luscious. Okay and those shorts! My old-timey circus performer is here to jump through my hoop! Check out the video below to see a M-A-N and gag on some eyebrows!



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