Furck, HTGAWM Hottie Charlie Weber Sexy For Schön

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If you watch How to Get Away With Murder and aren't impressed with Jack Falahee - AKA you've had a stage 6 stroke and should seek medical attention - you probably get your dude fix with the insanely hot Charlie Weber! The 38-year-old piece started the series with a beard, and he looks completely different shaven. I don't care if you're a beard man, Charlie - beard + shirtless = wet. If you can't do the math get out of the equation.

Charlie Weber got his start as a HARDthrob on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in 2013 appeared on the reboot of 90210. As Frank Delfino on HTGAWM, Charlie has always been the older, more mastered lawyer who basically plays teach to the young bucks, including Falahee. Feel free to write some fan fiction in the comment section! Now officially a celebrity in his own right, Charlie graces Schön Magazine, where you can get some great looks at his tight, flawless body. Those arms alone! Here are some of his interview highlights with Schön Magazine:

On working with Viola Davis:

You see how she works and you see the focus and the dedication, and those lessons are learned over such a period of time that I can’t really speak to one event, but it just comes from being around her.

On his acting methodology:

Every actor has their own process and mine sort of lends itself to sort of being hyper-focused about one individual and all the characters that surround the. If I try to plug a whole other person into the mix I don’t know what would happen – probably my head would explode.

On Buffy and possibly making a vampire joke:

I think the good part was that it didn’t sink it what a big deal that was to me. I was just really happy to be on a cool show with good people and in retrospect, I’m glad it didn’t sink in because I think that would have been very intimidating and so I just kind of went into it with my guns blazing to see what would happen. It was a really great experience and just a really good set to cut your teeth on.

Head to the gallery to see the shirtless Charlie Weber in action, and for the rest of the interview check out Schön.

In conclusion:

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