A Trip To The Barber Turns Into More Than Bruce Beckham Bargained For!

February 1, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Bruce Beckham goes to the barber for a simple shave, but doesn't leave until Alex Mecum has finished off his entire head

[WATCH: "Beards: Scene 4" - Titan Men]

The chemistry between these two is off the charts at Titan Men

We as a species have an interesting connection between our hair, and sex. Some prefer hairier individuals, some love smooth guys. Some even think of hair removal as a fetish.

Remember that time Joey D shaved Zak Bishop's butthole before fucking him at American Muscle Hunks?

[WATCH: Zak Bishop and Joey D - American Muscle Hunks]

And now, Bruce Beckham gets turned on when Alex Mecum gives him a haircut at Titan Men.

From Titan Men:

A day at the barber becomes more than either man bargained for when muscle stud Bruce Beckham gets a shave from the handsome and ripped Alex Mecum. Unable to keep their hands off each other, the two men lose the trimmer, lose their pants and lose their inhibitions as they get into action right there on the barber’s chair.

Alex Mecum gets turned on too - Bruce Beckham is one of gay porn's most current handsome stars - turning him on is like an honor.

Hell - Bruce Beckham may be one of the prettiest men ever. With a gorgeous face, muscles, and a huge cock, what's there not to like? Maybe ALEX was the one in for more than he bargained for!

Luckily, Bruce isn't selfish, and pays Alex back with his own blowjob.

Then these two go for Titan Men's new thing - some bareback dry-humping. First Bruce sticks his head in Alex's hole...

Then Alex sticks his inside Bruce!

As Alex is fucking him, Bruce lets out one of the most physically perfect cum loads you've ever seen.

The consistency is beautiful - it's thick, but runny. The amount is perfect - you could use it to bake a cake or something, and have none left over. Have you ever seen cum so beautiful?

Alex cums too, but you'll have to watch the scene for that.

Where's the kinkiest place you've ever done it? Have you done it at the Barber Shop like Bruce and Alex, or somewhere similar?


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